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2018 - Chetkin Gallery, Federico Castelluccio

2017 - Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, MI, "The Transported Man"

2017- Stanek Gallery, Nelson Shanks "Past, Present, Future"  Group Show
2016- Chetkin Gallery, Federico Castelluccio
2015 - Chetkin Gallery, Alain Bonnefoit & Federico Castelluccio
2014 - Chetkin Gallery, Federico Castelluccio & Jean Grimal

2013 - Diego Salazar Gallery,  Diverse Visions of Reality, LI, NY Group Exhibit, Curator &  Artist
2011 - Poets Den Gallery Group Show NY, NY

2010 - AKUS Gallery – Eastern Conneticut State University Group Exhibit
2010 - MACC Museo Arte Casa Colombo New Jersey - “Inner earth project” (Group Exhibit)
2009 - Palazzo Chigi Museum, Gabinetto dei Ritratti - Portrait of “Prince Agostino Chigi”,
              permanent collection Ariccia, Italy
2008 - New York Botanical Garden “Inspired by Nature” - (invited artist)
2007 - Gallery Yellow - “Views of Italy” - New York
2005 - Cavalier Gallery, Madison Ave., New York City, New York
             “Contemporary Realism 2005” Awarded Artist
2005 - Cecil Hirsch Gallery, Chappaqua, New York “Fine Art Painters”
2005 - Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University, MI “150 Years of Trompe l’oeil
              Art in America” (with loans from the Philadelphia Museum of Art / Detroit Institute)
2004 - Andreeva Portrait Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico “Masters of Illusion”
2004 - Steigrad Fine Arts, New York City, New York “Renaissance” - solo exhibit
2004 - APEX Gallery - Washington, DC “Realism Today -20 “A” artists”
2003 - Resorts, Atlantic City, New Jersey “Artist at Heart” - one-person retrospective
2003 - Phoenix Gallery, New York “Visions of Diversity”
2002 - 2001 - Phoenix Gallery, New York “Group of Seven”
1999 - Lisa Kurtz Gallery, Memphis TN “Contemporary Realism”
1998 - France: Loire Valley “Les Paysage” 1997 - Paterson Museum, New Jersey
             “Four Corners” (curated by Federico Castelluccio)
1996 - “Salmagundi Club 197’ Annual Open Painting Exhibition, New York
1996 - “Festival of the Visual Arts- First Annual Painting Exhibition”, New York
1995 - Silverstein Gallery, New York
1994 - Ambassador Galleries, New York
1993 - Paterson Museum, New Jersey “Paterson Artists” - (curated by Giacomo DeStefano)
1992 - Paterson Museum, New Jersey “Art Continuity” - (curated by Fred Diugen)
1991 - Phoenix Essex Gallery, New Jersey “Paterson Realists”
1990 - Liberty State Park, New Jersey “Festa Della Republica” - solo exhibit
1987 - Adonai Foundation, NYC “Art for Life”
1986 - Master Eagle Gallery, NYC “What Will Survive” (curated by J. Endewelt)
1986 - School of Visual Arts Gallery, NYC “Federico Castelluccio Paintings” - solo exhibit
1986 - SI Museum, NYC “Announcing New York Artists!”
1986 - Art Directors Club of New Jersey- solo exhibit
1985 - New York Art Directors Club, NYC - solo show (curated by Richard Wilde)
1985 - Master Eagle Gallery, NYC “Comet” (curated by J. Endewelt)


Palazzo Chigi Museum, Gabinetto dei Ritratti - Ariccia, Italy
Yale University Museum of Art, New Haven, Connecticut (four paintings)
Kresge Art Museum - East Lansing, Michigan
Whoopi Goldberg
Joe Pantoliano
Caroline Rhea
Geoffrey Holder
Hector Neumann
Donald J. Paget
Richard Brown Baker
Wilson and Elliot Nolen
Donald Trump
George Burns
Paul Hogan
Buddy Guy
Allan Dolby
Paul and Mary Ellen Dillon
Neysa Demann and Chris Case
Stephen and Jill McDonnell
Leonard and Ellen Polaner
Peter Schivarelli
Holt McCormick
Tisch Fine Art Collection

Exclusive Commissions:

Christine E. Lynn for benefit of Boca Raton Community Hospital
FRIS Vodka
Davidsohn Group
National Geographic Society
PBS (Public Broadcasting System)
Grammy Awards
Time Magazine
Warner Lambert Industries
Gillette Corporation
Schering Plough Industries

Federico Castelluccio presents portrait to
Paul Hogan


Federcio Castelluccio presents portrait to
George Burns

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